Halesi Mahadev Darshan by Helicopter Ride is a sacred temple trip to the eastern Nepalese shrine of the Hindu god Lord Shiva. The Halesi Mahadev Temple in Nepal's Khotang district is located on a tiny hill between the holy rivers Dudh Koshi (right) and Sunkoshi (left).

The Halesi-Maratika Caves (also known as the Haleshi Mahadev Temple) are located between 3,100 and 4,734 feet above sea level in eastern Nepal, close to the hamlet of Mahadevasthan in the Khotang District. The cave and temple complexes are located around 185 kilometers southwest of the world's highest peak. Hindus, Buddhists, and Kiratas all make pilgrimages to the shrine. Halesi Mahadev Temple to Hindus, who believe the caverns are dedicated to Shiva's other manifestation, Mahadeva, while Pashupatinath to Buddhists, who think of them as the site of Padmasambhava's caves.

The Kirat Rai of the area revere Halesi as an ancestor god of the people. The Kirat mundhum, a rich oral tradition of the Kirats, reveals that in the distant past, their ancestor Raichhakule (Khokchilipa), also known as Hetchhakuppa, stayed in the Halesi cave. Kirat/Rais believe Halesi to be their ancestral home because of this. 


Facts about Halesi Mahadev Holy tour 

Trip Name:

Halesi Mahadev Holy Tour

Tour Type

Charter Flight

Maximum Group

4/5 Persons

Maximum Elevation

4,510 ft.

Flight Duration

120 min (2 ways)

Maximum Weight

350kg-450 kg

Best Season

February, March, April, May, September, October, November, December

Best Time to Fly

Early in the morning

Landing Points

Near Halesi Temple


Heli Tour Cost Includes:

  1. Passenger Insurance
  2. Ground time cost

 Heli tour cost excludes:

  1. Necessary entrance and permit fee
  2. Drop and pick up from TIA
  3. Breakfast/other costs
  4. Domestic airport departure tax

  Clothing and Preparations

  • Windproof Down Jacket (preferably waterproof too)
  • Warm Trousers
  • Sunhat and woolen cap
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses/Goggles
  • Sunscreen (preferably of SPF30+ for full protection)
  • A bottle of water
  • Toilet paper and other necessities
  • Mobiles and cameras
  • Your passport or passport copy

 Important points to remember during the heli tour are listed below:

  • Always be in the line of sight of your pilot. Enter/exit the helicopter from the side or front.
  • Make sure you are wearing your seatbelt properly.
  • Don’t leave your anointed seat until the pilot has signaled it is safe to do so.
  • Weight distribution is important in Helicopters, so we will try to arrange seats accordingly. Please try not to change your assigned seats.
  • No smoking unless you have received permission from the captain.


NOTE: Bookings must be made 15 days in advance of the flight date, and flight confirmation must be received one week in advance of the flight date. Extra costs like airport taxes, national park fees, and breakfast are not included in the rates listed below.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a booking is canceled, we must be notified by the customer one week before the flight date. Cancellations made one week before the flight date are free of charge. Cancellations made within one week will be charged 10% of the total cost of the chosen sector.