Gosaikunda(or Gosainkunda), is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Langtang National Park. It is situated at an altitude of 14,370 ft. in the Rasuwa District. The lake melts to form the Trishuli River, it remains frozen for six months in winter October to June. There are 108 lakes in the vicinity. The Lauribina La pass at an elevation of 15,120 ft. is on its outskirts. 

Gosaikunda is not only a Ramsar site (since 2007), meaning that it is a wetland of international importance, but is a site considered holy to both Buddhists and Hindus. In Hindu mythology Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, and the epics of Mahabharat, Ramayana refers to Samudra Manthan, which is related to the Gosaikunda. It is believed that Gosaikunda is the abode of the gods Shiva and Gauri. It is believed that Lord Shiva formed the lake when he thrust his holy trident into the mountain to extract the water to drink so that he could cool his stinging throat after he had swallowed poison. The water is considered of particular significance during the Janai Purnima festival at the full moon in August when thousands of pilgrims gather. People come here and take a bath in Kunda and the brahmins change their Janai. They believe by doing so, will wash away the sins they have done over their lifetime.

Due to all the stories attached to it, it is one of the most visited religious places in the Himalayan region where you can escape to the nature from hustle and bustle of everyday work. Saying that Helicopter tour makes it the quickest way from Kathmandu. You will be able to view the mountains covered with a blanket of snow and 108 lakes like Bhairab Kunda, and Ganesh Kunda.
Autumn (September to mid-December) and Spring (March to May) season are the best time to visit Gosaikunda. Due to the instability of the weather, it’s better to go there at the end of February to the beginning of June, and the beginning of September to the end of December. No matter the season, the weather in Gosaikunda is quite unpredictable and can change in a minute. The weather is always moist so before heading to Gosaikunda keep:

a. Warm clothes
b. Windproof Down Jacket
c. Mobile and camera
d. Gloves, sunglasses, raincoats, medicine, and some snacks too.
e. Your passport or passport copy


The heli ride starts from Kathmandu with a round trip to Gosaikunda which takes approximately 30minutes with 30 minutes of ground time. In these 30 minutes, you can freely enjoy the beauty of Gosaikunda. And we fly back to Kathmandu.

 Facts about Gosaikunda Bhagwati Tour:

Trip Name:

Gosaikunda Heritage Tour

Tour Type

Charter Flight

Maximum Group

4/5 Persons

Maximum Elevation

14,370 ft.

Flight Duration

30 min (2 ways)

Maximum Weight

350kg-450 kg

Best Season

Autumn and Spring

Landing Points


Himalayan Sights

  • Langtang National Park
  • Local people (Tradition, culture)

Heli Tour Cost Includes:

• Departure fee
• Passenger Insurance
• Ground time cost

Heli Tour Cost Excludes:

• Personal nature expenses
• Accommodation at Kathmandu
• Drop and Pick- up from TIA
• Airport tax


NOTE: Bookings must be made 15 days in advance of the flight date, and flight confirmation must be received one week in advance of the flight date. Extra costs like airport taxes, national park fees, and breakfast are not included in the rates listed below.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a booking is canceled, we must be notified by the customer one week before the flight date. Cancellations made one week before the flight date are free of charge. Cancellations made within one week will be charged 10% of the total cost of the chosen sector.